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Duplex LC UPC Optical Adapter

Fiber Optic Adapter is a fiber optic connector for connecting components,fiber optic communication equipment, instruments and so on, the performance is stable and reliable. 
The optical fiber is connected by an adapter through an internal aperture sleeve. We provide all kinds of high performance adapter in order to ensure maximum connectivity between the optical fiber jumper. In order to fixed in various panels, we have designed a variety of fine flange mounting.


1.Low insertion loss, high return loss

2.Good compatibility

3.High precision of mechanical dimensions 

4.High reliability & stability 

5.Ceramic or Bronze Sleeve 

6.PC, APC, UPC optional 

7.Simplex / Duplex


1.Local Area Network 

2.CATV System

3.Telecommunication Networks

4.Equipment Test

Product TypeSC FC ST LC Adapter
ModusSingle modeMulti mode
Insertion Verlies<0.2dB<0.3dB
Return Loss>45dB-------
Mating Durability (500times)

Additional Loss≤0.1dB

Return Loss Variability<5dB

Temperature Stability(-40°C~80°C)

Additional Loss≤0.2dB

Return Loss Variability<5dB

Bedrijfstemperatuur-40 °C ~ + 75 °C
Opslag Temperatuur-40 °C ~ + 80 °C