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AI-7C Fiber Fusion Splicer

AI-7c combines the functions of both splicing and heating for those cables which are popular in FTTX : 250μm fiber,900μm fber, flat cable, fiber jumper. This splicer is the smallest, lightest and fastest among all the existing core alignment splicers. Performs 200 cycles of fusion splicing and sleeve heating with the standard battery. Reliability and Durability: Anti-Shock, Waterproof, Dustproof

Built-in Universal Fiber Holder which can Splice 250μm fiber, 900μm fiber, flat cable, and fiber jumper. *

1: 5200mAH high capacity replaceable battery to extend your productivity

2: 6 Motors 3 Axle alignment make lower loss

3: Reliability and Durability: Anti-Shock, Waterproof, Dustproof

Fiber alignmentCore/cladding alignment/Manual aligbment
Splicing time8S
Heating time18S
Heating modeAutomatic heating
Focus modeSix motors Auto focus
Applicable fibersSM,MM,DS,NZDS
Splice loss0.025db,0.01db,0.04db
Control technologyReal-time control and calibration of fusion ARC
Return lossBetter than 60DB
Fiber diameterCladding Diameter:80-150um  Coating Diameter : 100-1000um
Fiber cleave lengthCoating less than 250um;8-16mm     Coating less than 250-1000um:16mm
Language setting10 languages to switch freely
Tension testStandard  2N
Fiber holders3 in 1 fiber holder,SM,MM,bare fiber,pigtail,rubber-insulated,multi fiber cable
Magnification 300 for X or Y view,150 for X or Y view
Screen5 inch TFT color display
Splicing ModeNomal / high precision splicing
Splicing record storageSynchronize to the phone,the server to cloud storage unlimited

7800 mA high-capacity lithium battery,charging time<=3.5hours,continuous

splicing and heating about 240 times

Power supply


Temperature -15~50 ℃,humidity:<95% RH Working altiude:0~500m

Resist max: wind speed:≤15m/s

Operating conditions 

Temperature -15~50 ℃,humidity:<95% RH Working altiude:0~500m

Resist max: wind speed:≤15m/s

Shrinkable tube  60mm,50mm,40mm,25mm
Boot time 1 second
Product protection Waterproof ,dust proof,shock-resistant