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1 Channel RS485 Bidirectional Data Optic Converter

1.Adaptive single mode fiber
2.Zero delay automatic forwarding
3.Asynchronous transmission, point-to-multipoint operation, RS-485 interface and fiber conversion
4.Automatically detect serial port rate, identify and control data transmission direction
5.Interface provides 1500W surge protection, 15KV static protection
6.Single mode reaches 20-120 km
7.RS-485 supports 32-point polling (can be customized 128 points)
8.Applications: Industrial automation control, access control, card, parking lot and other systems


RS-485 signal

T+, T-, GND

T+, T-, GND

R+, R-, T+, T-, GND

Fiber optic signal


Working style

working asynchronously, peer-to-peer

Direction control

automatic data control and automatic control technology to automatically identify and control data transmission direction

Baud rate

 0-500Kbps, automatic detection of signal rate

Fiber wavelength


Electric port transmission distance

Electric port transmission distance

Optical port transmission distance

 multi-mode 2 km, single mode 20 km

Interface protection: 600W surge protection, 1500V static protection

Load capacity


RS-485 port supports 32 nodes (can be customized 128 points)


Electric port form


5-position terminal block